Services Available

Emergency Medical Equipment

Hon’ble MLA Sri Vasupalli Ganeshkumar, Visakhapatnam South Constituency has inaugurated the Sonosite high end Ultrasound Machine with 03 different probes at IRCU in Emergency Medicine Block, KGH on 11.04.2018. The equipment cost around Rs.19.00 Lakhs. The equipment is mobile and can scan cardiac, chest and abdominal trauma cases and also useful in nerve blocks during Anaesthesia. This equipment is highly useful for bedside patients. Dr.G.Arjuna, Superintendent, KGH thanked Hon’ble MLA for taking interest and persuading with government and obtaining equipment.

Dr.P.V.Sudhakar, Principal, AMC. Dr.V.Dharmarao, Dy.Superintendent, KGH, Dr.A.Satyanarayana, Prof. & Head of the Department of Anaesthesia, Dr.KSLG.Sastry, DCSRMO. Dr.B.Bangarayya, ARMO. Dr.Ch.Sadhana, ARMO and staff were present.

Emergency Medicine Ward

Dr.P.V.Sudhakar, Principal, Andhra Medical College and Dr.G.Arjuna, Superintendent, KGH. Visakhapatnam have inaugurated the Emergency Medicine Ward in the Emergency Medicine Department on the eve of WORLD HEALTH DAY on 07.04.2018.

The Emergency Medicine ward is equipped with 14 High end – 5 way functional ICU cots, 11 Ventillators , 10 multi channel monitors, Central oxygen supply and suction apparatus with round the clock staff. During emergencies the patients can be treated more effectively.

Dr.C.Jayaraj, Professor and Head of the Department of General Surgery, AMC/KGH was appointed as Nodal officer to the Emergency Medicine Department.

Dr.V.Dharmarao, Dy.Superintendent, KGH. Dr.K.Satyanarayana, Prof. & Head of the Department of Anaesthesia, Dr.P.AshokKumar, Prof. of Orthopaedics. Dr.M.Chandrasekharnaidu, Associate Prof. of Orthopaedics and I/c. of EMD Dr.TSN.Prakash, Assoct.Prof. of Anaesthesia and I/c. of EMD, Dr.M.Surendrakumar, CMO., Dr.KSLG.Sastry, DCSRMO, Dr.B.Bangarayya, ARMO, Dr.Ch.Sadhana, ARMO., Ms.D.Lakshmi, Nursing Superintendent, and staff were attended.


Teaching is being imparted to the undergraduates, Postgraduates, Super specialties, paramedical courses, and General and B.Sc Nursing students.


Training to doctors in Radiology, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Dental and Pharma-D Students is being imparted regularly.

Clinical work

Out patients

2500 Out patients are being treated daily

In patients

120-150 inpatients are being admitted every day which includes poly-trauma, seriously ill medical cases nature requiring intensive care, Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology problems, Paediatric, Neonatal care apart from the other cases including complicated surgical cases.

Acute / intensive care units

The services through Intensive Coronary Care Units, Intensive Respiratory Care Units, Acute Medical Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Intensive Paediatric Care Unit, and Intensive Neurosurgical Care Unit apart from running 24 hours casualty services are being provided.

VVIP duties

To provide medical coverage during VVIP visits in Visakhapatnam districts.

Public Health programmes Government.

Sending specialist teams to rural and tribal areas whenever required by the Government.